Tuesday, 9 November 2010

9 weeks, 6 days

I had my first midwife or "booking in" appointment today which basically covered my care plan for the next 7 months and gave me the opportunity to ask any questions. As I had some spotting on Friday night it was reassuring to have someone to talk to and to hear that as long as nothing persists (which it hasn't) all should be well and there is absolutely nothing to worry about as it is apparently very common.

Discussed my history with Post Natal Depression in some depth and it would seem that they may begin my treatment before baby is even born this time as it has shown to be more successful than waiting until symptoms have set in...am up for this as have often joked in the past that I wish they could put up a drip with antidepressant meds at the same time they put in the epidural.

Would seem that because I am requesting a c-section for psychological rather that physiological reasons I am going to need to go to one session of "birth story" counselling where they will go through Nicholas's birth with me and explain things and try to put it into perspective so it all seems a little less traumatic, again am very much up for it as anything that will clear up those hours and give me a better insight is more than welcome. My midwife feels that even if the first consultant is not willing to consider a c-section there is apparently a South African OBGYN at the hospital who she will then request for me if need be as she is very pro giving the mom what she wants - def feeling more at ease in this area now.

Other than that, fortunately no real nausea and apart from a bad bout in SA the heartburn seems to have stayed at bay for the moment as well. Am totally, utterly and completely exhausted and sometimes don't know how I am going to make it through the day, but know that when we finally hold our new baby it will all be worthwhile.

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  1. That all sounds so positive - apart from the exhaustion, and this too will pass :-)