Friday, 8 October 2010

5 weeks, 2 days

I saw the doctor today for the first time and he confirmed the pregnancy and that I am approximately 5 weeks along. Things are looking good for the elective caesar in light of my history with post natal depression and the fact that Nicholas's birth was very traumatic for me.

I am feeling exceptionally well at this point and haven't been feeling any particular cravings or aversions to any foods. Am totally over emotional and poor Si is having to give lots of reassuring hugs to stop me from bursting into tears as peculiar moments.

Megs and Phil are beside themselves with excitement and names are being thrown back and forward on an almost daily basis. In fact the arrival of baby number 4 is the center of most of our family conversations at the moment.


  1. Great that all is going well....

  2. oh the excitement, but you are so far away! are you sure you don't want to move up here? houses much cheaper ;-)

  3. wiht you all the way my friend...........

  4. Hi my friend.Am so excited for you guys.You must take care of yourself & the little one you are carrying.Looking forward to seeing you real soon.

    Love you lots, Mary

  5. So happy to hear no.4 is on the way, very brave girl you...Congrats Andrea...!!!