Wednesday, 26 January 2011

21 weeks

Today was our second opportunity to see the bean and as it is also Si's birthday it was wonderful that he is on leave and able to come along. The scan is amazingly thorough and they literally start at baby's head and work their way down looking for any anomalies or abnormalities along the way.

Delighted to say that our little cherub is all well and developing nicely and that my amniotic fluid is within normal ranges and placenta is nicely placed for an easy delivery. Everything that is meant to be closed is and all the organs are functioning in a perfectly normal manner.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

20 weeks 6 days

Monthly midwife check up this morning and all seems to be's heartbeat is nice and strong and I am not carrying too much fluid or putting on too much weight at this stage.

Did mention to her that I have been feeling a little emotional lately but she feels it is probably normal given the move. If it hasn't settled by our next meeting which is 22nd Feb she will refer me to someone for further assessment.

Tomorrow is the big scan and as luck would have it Si is on leave because it is his to find out the sex or keep it a surprise....that is the decision.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

20 weeks exactly

Today marks half way.

Nick and I are allowed to return to group activities as German Measles no longer presents a threat in the second half of pregnancy and I am looking forward to being able to take him back to some of the clubs he so so enjoys.

Am feeling really good about myself at this stage, not sure how much weight I have put on but today I was able to wear a pair of my regular jeans which I bought in SA when I returned in Nov 2009. The heart burn is now under control thanks to Gaviscon and I am feeling fit and healthy (if a little overwhelmed and tired at times due to the move).

According to "Baby Centre", Bean is fully developed at this point and measures about 16.5cms, I am feeling lots and lots of movement, particularly in the late evenings and think I am going to have a busy little bee on my hands in 4 months time.

Lots of baby stuff coming up over the next weeks with my monthly midwife appointment on 25th Jan, anomalies scan on 26th Jan, birth story debrief on 1st Feb and appointment with head of obstetrics at the PR on 9th Feb.

Monday, 10 January 2011

18 weeks 5 days

And the heartburn has begun....can see this is going to be a wicked one as it has set in a bit earlier than with the other three. Shew going to be using a LOT of Gaviscon over the next 21 weeks.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

17 weeks 6 days

As the half way mark approaches I am feeling really good, I haven't put on huge amounts of weight and apart from needing a little more fabric around the tummy I am managing really well with my clothing.

Have only been though 1 bottle of Gaviscon to date but sadly the heartburn is becoming more frequent especially when I eat bread.....this is quite normal for me around the 5 month mark so looks like this pregnancy is going to go exactly the same was as the first three. No real serious cravings at this point although I am still enjoying my fruit and salami pizza.

Have been feeling a little lethargic so have started on pregnancy vitamins today just to give me a little boost.