Sunday, 8 May 2011

35 weeks 4 days

Tomorrow marks 1 month until baby is due.

I confess to feeling a little anxious at this point as this is about the same time that my waters broke with Nicholas and I simply am not ready to repeat the experience. Although Nick has suffered no long term effects of his premature birth, it certainly took its toll in those early days on Si and I and I am really hoping that this little one doesn't intend following in his/her brothers footsteps.

Pelvis playing up worse than ever and I am hoping to see the doctor around mid week to see if there is any pain relief that I can use at this point as it is really starting to become debilitating. Si, Megs and Phill have all been absolutely AWESOME and have acted as both my hands and feet over the past weeks.....just hoping that seeing me like this doesn't put Megs of having children for life lol.