Monday, 20 December 2010

15 weeks 5 days

I met with the consultant, or rather a registrar today regarding my caesar and sadly it would seem it is going to be harder than I anticipated to get it signed off. This young man has obviously been given a mandate by the NHS to reduce the number of unnecessary caesars and as I have had 3 normal deliveries before he was not prepared to sign me off.....unfortunately it all just got a little too much and I ended up in tears in his offices telling him that where I come from woman have a choice which is clearly not the case here.

Ended up in a meeting with him and a lovely midwife (clearly sent in to calm me down) and I now have an appointment on 9th February to plead my case to head of obstetrics. The midwife did assure me that at the end of the day it is my decision but we will have to see what happens at the next appointment. Fortunately Dr Brown is a lady doctor from South Africa so I am feeling a little more hopeful that she will be sympathetic to my cause.

Have an appointment with Yvette, my midwife, tomorrow so will see what she has to say then.

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  1. ah girlie I am so sorry! And I didn't even ask you how you were earlier :-(
    it aint over till the fat lady sings, and once you got more baby in there you are gonna be a fat lady ;-) so you sing till they give you want you need, big loves xxxxx