Wednesday, 27 April 2011

34 weeks and 1 day

Less than 6 weeks to go now until the arrival of our beautiful fourth child and I am a mixed bag of excitement and absolute abject terror. This birth sees the realisation of a dream, my family complete and the arrival of our final child.....BUT it also sees a 38 year old, not so fit mother of 3, having to deal with the constant and daily onslaught of housework and domestic responsibility whilst trying to juggle a new born and all the other "stuff" life continues to throw my way.

I have my moments of shear panic to be honest, but then I try to sit quietly for a moment and remember a story I read a little while ago about the "mayonnaise jar"....this new baby is a bright shiny golf ball and all the rest is just sand, so I breath, and I gather myself together and I go forward into another day, and before we know it we will again be the very very proud parent of a gorgeous little cherub :0)

Now if only I could settle on a boy's name is DONE AND DUSTED and has been for months....I thought my girl's name was the same, but find myself vacillating again (sigh).

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  1. Is your family coming over to help you when the baby arrives...or are you sending the helicopter over to fetch me!!!