Wednesday, 19 January 2011

20 weeks exactly

Today marks half way.

Nick and I are allowed to return to group activities as German Measles no longer presents a threat in the second half of pregnancy and I am looking forward to being able to take him back to some of the clubs he so so enjoys.

Am feeling really good about myself at this stage, not sure how much weight I have put on but today I was able to wear a pair of my regular jeans which I bought in SA when I returned in Nov 2009. The heart burn is now under control thanks to Gaviscon and I am feeling fit and healthy (if a little overwhelmed and tired at times due to the move).

According to "Baby Centre", Bean is fully developed at this point and measures about 16.5cms, I am feeling lots and lots of movement, particularly in the late evenings and think I am going to have a busy little bee on my hands in 4 months time.

Lots of baby stuff coming up over the next weeks with my monthly midwife appointment on 25th Jan, anomalies scan on 26th Jan, birth story debrief on 1st Feb and appointment with head of obstetrics at the PR on 9th Feb.

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  1. I feel so excited for you, half way there now....